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A Truly Unique Personal Experience 

This is our sixth Namibian Luxury Fitness Safari, a life changing experience which continues to both amaze and excite our privileged groups of clients.

Over half of previous Explorers have returned once, twice or even three times because of the personal revelations and fun had on every minute of their trips!

This is a holiday EVERY Explorer has claimed will be unbeatable!

Where else can you live amongst cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, zebras and many more African species whilst working with elite health and fitness coaches, soaking up the hot African sun AND tick off bucket list goals like sky diving?


Your Namibian Luxury Fitness Safari is the trip that keeps on giving because not only does Africa certainly leave dirt on your boots and take a special place in your heart but you will return home with a personal health and fitness plan.

Over the course of 8 days, we will strip past layers of stress and frustration with life and rebuild you from the inside out with world class mindset, nutrition and fitness coaching.

Jon Le Tocq (former UK Personal Trainer of the Year) and boxing specialist, Dan Groves have worked with thousands of clients between them through personal training, sports performance coaching, fitness camp services and online coaching.

You will have minute by minute access to their coaching skills as and when you needed with group coaching and personal appointments throughout the week.

(This includes a deep tissue massage when you need it!)

We use the term ‘appointments’ very loosely as there is no better way to discover your own personal truths and direction than with a dip in the private pool of your 5 star villa, under the African sun….


We believe this is the best holiday in the world.

Not because you get a world class fitness retreat and luxury safari ALL IN ONE!

Not because you’re going to finally discover what’s required to get in the best shape of your life.

Not because you can get a deep, golden Africa tan to take home.

Not because you will be closer than you could ever imagine to the most amazing creatures on earth…


We think one of the most important features is that you will get to experience some of the most mind-blowing moments of your life with a group of people who are just as excited about living life to its full potential as you!

Every holiday we laugh so hard and have such inspiring conversations as a group that you’ll be buzzing to go out and do all the things you’ve held off until now!



However….BE WARNED.

We take this holiday very seriously.

As you can see…



The dates for the next Fitness Safari are 5th-13th June 2017 inclusive.

You will need to fly in to / land in Windhoek on or before lunch time on the 5th and fly out on or after the 13th.

Typically we fly with our group of excited explorers from London the day before (June 4th).

So how does the Luxury Fitness Safari work?

The first thing you need to know is that you do not need to be super fit but should be able to run 3-5km without stopping.

That said, you don’t have to keep up with other people as there will always be a trainer at the front and one at the back.

You’ll also do a variety of full body conditioning workouts, fitness boxing, mountain biking, movement sessions and yoga!

All resistance training at our outdoor gym is structured so that sessions are appropriate to various levels.





If you live in Guernsey, there will also be a ‘meet and greet’ with other group members.

5th June: Arrival and first night at Plains Camp.

You will need to arrive in Windhoek on the 5th June 2017.

There will be a group pick up from Windhoek airport at lunch time to take you to Okonjima (Approx. 3 hours of comedy and music through the desert!)

This will be a ‘settle in’ afternoon and the evening will include your welcome meal and introduction with full explanation of how the week will progress.

6th-12th: Full Days at Okonjima

Daily itineraries will be provided on arrival and will be determined to some extent by animal activity but a typical day will look something like this.

0600 – Wake up call

0630 – Off on a cheetah / leopard / wild dog trail (3 trails included)

0830  – Cardio training session, boxing or Primal Move class.

1000 – Breakfast cooked by our personal chef

1200 – Mindset and motivation coaching

1400 – Light lunch

1430 – 1630 Relax, catch some rays, grab a power nap or get a massage from one of your trainers. Or go out for another run or bike ride if you want some extra calorie burning!

1630 – Full Body Conditioning at the amazing outdoor gym (our most powerful fat loss protocols!)

1800 – Watch the sunset from the camp fire whilst stretching out the day’s training

1830 – Dinner around the camp fire

1900 – Relax or get a massage from one of your trainers

13th June: Transfer back to Windhoek Airport and fly home (the worst bit!)

Travel back to Windhoek where you can either fly home or choose to continue your African adventure under your own steam!


The Namibia Fitness Holiday program has a totally unique twist to it with powerful transformation coaching systems in MindMap, BodyMap and Primal Move all built into the amazing Super Six Coaching Program.

Each day will take a different theme based around our six favourite African animals giving you specific insights into how your brain and body works and new ways to train for optimal movement and pain-free, exciting, performance enhancing training!

Giraffe: “The View From Above”. Understanding what’s going on in your life and how to move forward.

Cheetah: How to workout for maximum results and excitement!

Baboon: Personal environments work and getting the fun back in your life!

Lion: You’re top of the food chain! Learn how to eat for the best results.

Leopard: Focusing on pain-free movement with personal assessments and yoga. 

Rhino: “The Life of One”. How to be in charge of your life and achieve all your personal goals.

These programs alone are worth your investment because you have 24/7 access to Jon’s mental and physical coaching skills throughout your stay – this really is a health and fitness experience for life!


This is one of the most enlightening journeys you’ll experience on the Luxury Fitness Safari and you’ll go no further than your own mind!

MindMapping is about discovering the mental patterns you currently run your life on and discovering how to change the direction of your thoughts and feelings so you can finally break free from whatever is holding you back.

Jon has run online and ‘real life’ coaching courses with amazing results in people who have previously just felt stuck with their life whether it be work, business, relationships or weight loss.

The process is the same – we guide you through a detailed system helping you find out the truth about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to move forward and finally achieve those goals that keep eluding you!

You will be amazed how your mind can open up and flow whilst on Okonjima so this is the perfect time to get to know your own brain and build a solid plan going forward to hit more of your life goals!



If you spend your life in a constant feeling of discomfort and/or pain in your muscles and joints, you’re going to LOVE the BodyMAP process.

BodyMAP’ing is about finding and assessing restrictions in your body and allowing the brain (the most complex supercomputer in existence) to do it’s job resetting your body and the movement it should be capable of.

Rather than simply stretching this and mobilising that on an isolated basis only for things to go back to dysfunction, BodyMAP’ing uses the power of the brain and neurology to get you back to your natural movement patterns then engrain them so you can move out of pain and begin to perform better in your training, sport and daily life!




Where better to learn amazing ‘new’ movement patterns that re-educate the body on how to move in every plain of motion than the wilderness!

Your Primal Move program will give you exhilarating and varied workouts using just your bodyweight so you develop better movement and release strength you never knew you had!

Not only will this build on the BodyMAP approach to free up tight areas but it will also engage and energise your brain and body!


Your first accommodation will be 3 nights at ‘Plains Camp…

Plains Camp


This is followed by 4 nights in the awe inspiring Grand Villa with unparalleled level of peace, luxury and amazing food from your own private, resident chef!

63 Villa N Suite Room

45 Villa Kids Room WC





For UK travellers, the best way to travel is via South African Airways from London Heathrow.

You need to arrive at Windhoek Airport on the 5th June for the lunch time pick up and fly out on the 13th June unless you choose to make personal arrangements to stay longer or travel on.

Fitness Safari Fees

Your investment for the Fitness Safari is just £2995 per person or £2795 in a shared room.
(50% non-refundable deposit on booking. Flights booked separately)

The Fitness Safari Fee includes:

All road travel from the moment you land until the return to Windhoek Airport.

All accommodation and food at Plains Camp and in the Grand Villa.

Drinking water

3 meals per day on Okonjima Reserve

3 wildlife trails on Okonjima Reserve

One complimentary massage from one of your trainers

All training programs

All fitness coaching sessions

All group mindset and lifestyle coaching sessions

You will only need extra money for:

Flights (Approx £800-1000 per person return from London Heathrow)

Extra trails you would like to do (schedule permitting)

Extra massage appointments

Drinks (other than drinking water provided)

Purchase of local arts and crafts 

Health, Safety and Insurance

Storm Force Fitness Ltd, Groves Health and Fitness and Okonjima have full public liability insurance.

However, you will be required to sign waivers and disclaimers on registration saying that you are undertaking all fitness training and nutrition plans in good health and with the consent of your medical practitioner.

Training will take place in rugged, unstable ‘wilderness’ areas with wild animals enjoying their natural environment, and sometimes in temperatures of 20-30 degrees celsius.

Whilst intensity will be carefully monitored with varying levels of difficulty to account for different fitness levels, you should seek medical advice first if you are in any doubt as to whether a Fitness Safari is a safe option for you.

Any activities undertaken in Swakopmund are in addition to your Fitness Safari Package and will be chosen, paid and signed for by you with an independent company.

Whilst we work with companies we know, trust and recommend, it is your personal choice to enter into contract with any third party company, and JLT Ltd and Groves Health and Fitness cannot guarantee the quality of your experience nor be held responsible for damage or accidents occurring during this time.

If you live in Guernsey, you can come and see Jon well before your trip so we can get your on the path to health and fitness well in advance!


Spaces are limited to 8 for this Namibian Luxury Fitness Safari


3 x 2 people, shared (King Size bed each)
1 x 1 or 2 people (King Size bed)


42 Villa Kids Room

To request an application or discuss options please

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