About the Reserve

West of the Waterberg Plateau, the vast plains are occasionally broken by the remnants of ancient Sandstone outcrops, which once covered large areas of northern Namibia.

Nestled among the Omboroko Mountains lies Okonjima – a Herero name meaning Place of the Baboons.

This is much more than just a lodge. Okonjima is also home to The Africat Foundation.

For many years, Val (VJ) & Rose Hanssen had been avid cattle farmers until the need for solutions to increasing livestock losses and post-independence interest in Namibia as a tourist destination, changed the face of Okonjima, as well as that of Carnivore Conservation.

With the family still at the helm (now the next generation), Okonjima now encompasses a dedicated team and a variety of accommodation facilities, offering you, our guest, a truly Namibian stay…

Established in 1993, The AfriCat Foundation started off as a sanctuary for Cheetah and Leopard rescued from irate, livestock farmers.

Today, AfriCat is dedicated to the protection and long-term conservation of all large carnivores in Namibia and has since become renowned for much-needed;

“Environmental Education, Carnivore Research, Rescue, Release & Rehabilitation programmes, and Carnivore Welfare, Human Wild-life Conflict Mitigation and Community Support projects – throughout the whole of Namibia”.

The AfriCat Foundation is based on the farm Okonjima (central Namibia) and the farm Kaross (northwest Namibia). This mutually beneficial relationship allows for interested visitors to experience, first hand, the works of The Project, gaining valuable insight into carnivore conservation and, at the same time, creating the platform for donating much-needed funds to The Project and its Programmes.


Our dream is to turn our 55 000 acre private Nature Reserve on Okonjima – that was once denuded farmland, back to it’s natural state, last seen 200 years ago. This dream must be sustainable and a benefit to local communities for it to survive the tide of change in Africa.

This ongoing project headed by the Hanssen Family has nearly removed all internal fences and the management of water resources, hides, the removal of undesirable bush encroachment and new bush roads is ongoing. 

VJ Hanssen always quoted the following words…

God will not seek thy race
Nor will he ask thy birth
He will demand of thee
What hast thou done with the land I gave thee?

An Ancient Proverb


Okonjima is a family run business. Wayne, Donna and Rosalea Hanssen who co-own and live on the property, bought Okonjima from their parents in 1993 – turning, what was then a cattle farm, into a 22 000ha private conservation project.

Tammy Hoth – nee Hanssen joined the AfriCat family by merging her foundation AFRI-LEO with The AfriCat Foundation in April 2010. Her human-wildlife conflict project is now called – AfriCat NORTH. AfriCat North is based on Kaross Farm, bordering western Etosha National Park

AfriCat North on Kaross farm – strives to mitigate human-wildlife conflict thereby reducing poverty, to keep lions in their natural habitat, to prevent the exploitation and inhumane treatment of lions and to ensure that captive populations are well cared for. 
The programme’s projects focus on medium to long term workable solutions through education, improved livestock management and protection, and research and monitoring.

AfriCat on Okonjima will focus on island-bound rehabilitation & research in the 22 000ha Private Nature Reserve; rescue and release, carnivore welfare and environmental education.

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