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Personal Reinvention

Rejuvenation of the Body and Soul In Uplifting Surroundings

Luxury In The Wilderness

Amazing Accommodation and Lean, Clean, Nutritious Food

Exciting Fitness Coaching

Renowned Fitness Programs Meet the Power of the Wild


Welcome to Namibia Fitness Holidays, a partnership between the world-renowned Okonjima Reserve, JLT Limited and Dan Groves Fitness

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“Changing Your Life Not Just Your Body”

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to free yourself from the never ending ‘to do list’ of life at home so you can once again feel that sense of exhilaration, freedom and energy surging through your body!

Your time with us is centred on giving you those experiences you know you need to have before it’s too late.

This is your chance to be one of very few people who live without regret and can say “I did what I wanted to do!”

You’re probably sick and tired of working long hours and knowing that the fatigue and constant feelings of overwhelm is having a serious negative impact on your health.

Okonjima is all about enjoying the amazing power of nature to rejuvenate, realigning areas of your life and having those stories to tell around the dinner table.


Where better to spend a week or two than on a wildlife reserve in the heart of Namibia under the rejuvenating power of the African sun?

Escape the long working hours and give yourself that much needed break…only this time, we’re committed to helping you maintain that sense of self that disappeared a long time ago.

You’ve no doubt proven you can be at the top of your game in business or your career and now it’s time to restore the drive, ambition and energy that started it all.

It’s time to feel yourself again and rebuild your self-esteem!

It’s Time To Invest In ‘Life’s Piggy Bank’

We understand the sacrifices it takes to be a success in modern life and this is your chance to reward yourself and make sure time’s not running away with you before you get to live out your dreams.

Whether you want to come alone to get away from it all, or join a group of like-minded individuals, we’ll ensure that you have the time of your life with memories and experiences you’ll treasure forever!

Relationships can become damaged when we maintain a charge for wealth and success and life ends up separating us from loved ones.

This all leads to a downward spiral which is virtually impossible to get out of.

You might have even tried lots of ways to get your health and energy back and found that life just got in the way and you ‘never quite got round to it’.

Unfortunately, the more times you try, the more convinced you become that you just can’t do it!

Well that’s about to change as we bring you the most amazing and life-changing combination of expert health and fitness coaching in surroundings that inspire, motivate and instantly bring a sense of relaxed happiness back into your life!

Imagine completing your second fun and exciting workout of the day, taking a dip in the pool to cool off, before watching the sun go down over dinner.


Spend the evening sharing stories around the camp fire before retiring to your 5 star accommodation (or sheltered tents with beds in on some packages), dozing off to the night time sounds of nature.

You wake up in the morning for your run or cycle along the carefully designed trails then have breakfast before getting ready for some Cheetah spotting with the expert guides on the reserve.

Chill out in the middle of the day whilst the African sun is at its hottest, catch up on your reading or grab a massage in the fresh air.

Work With Internationally Recognised Trainers

Led by leading UK strength and conditioning coach, Jon Le Tocq, and qualified boxing trainer and massage therapist Dan Groves, this will be like no other fitness experience.


You might be looking for…

….improved health and vitality

…solutions to an current or impending health crisis

…new and exciting ways to get a lean, energetic body

…inspiration in a new and inspirational environment

Train Out In The Wild!

We’ll free you from the never-ending ‘office-gym-home’ cycle and introduce you to training methods you will NEVER experience at the gym!

You’ll be able to soak up the stunning views whilst challenging yourself through the trails of the Omboroko mountains on bike and on foot!


This will all be supported by a healthy nutrition plan and itinerary of activities based on the Okonjima wildlife reserve so you just have to enjoy your training and the hours you have to relax and put that smile back on your face!

You’ll be served your choice of lean, organic African meats such as Eland and Oryx steaks, or you can choose from more conventional foods including vegetarian options.

If you long for some sunshine and want to get away from it all without missing out on your fitness training, your time at Okonjima will be one of those times in life you never forget – you’ll be telling the stories for years to come!

We don’t think holidays should be about doing nothing, but about doing MORE to help kickstart or even reinvent yourself!

This is your chance to get lots of exercise in, clear your mind and your lungs, and take on a new challenge.

You can now create the memories of an African safari holiday whilst enjoying training, eating well and meeting new people who love the great outdoors – all under the watchful eyes of two very experienced fitness trainers!

Your hosts have travelled all over the world so you’ll be amongst friends whether you choose a personal package (so you can self-indulge and have your trainer totally focused on you) or you want to come with a group and experience the wonders of the reserve together!


Our Promise To You

When you leave Okonijma, you will have had the most mind-blowing, exhilarating, energy injection that changes your entire perspective on life and gives you the strength of character to go back a new, stronger, more confident person!


This is your chance to live a dream and remember it forever!

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